MPM Design/Build Custom Home Renovations, Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, Cabinetry and more




I've been in the homebuilding trades for 32 years. Painting, plumbing, electrical, foundations, framing, roofing, drywall, cabinetry and always, design and planning. If anyone knows what goes into building and home renovation, I do. And so did my craftsman father and my carpenter grandfather -- it really is "in the blood." 

After many projects in places like West Vancouver, Shaughnessy, Cortes Island and Nanaimo, I find myself laying roots in the Comox valley with my small family. With family roots that go back to the 1850's,  it really does feel like home. 

I now focus on projects that I find interesting, whether they be high-end wood-working, tiny homes, or sustainable low-energy home renovation -- projects that will stand the test of time from both an esthetic and a quality-focused point of view. (ie. small, simple, beautiful, etc.)

If you have a building project that requires a special touch and the confidence of experience, whether it's building, consulting or design, pease drop me a line via phone, email or contact me directly through the webform on the contact page. 

Please view the Gallery below to veiw examples of my work.

Regards, Paul Mottishaw​

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  1. Ground Up Renovations
    From small one-room additions to complete home renovations or comprehensive energy remodels. Very careful selection and siting of doors and windows, paying special attention to solar gain whenever possible.
  2. Kitchen and Bath Remodling
    Focusing on ergonomic layouts and durable esthetic material selection.
  3. Custom Tile
    Its all about careful selection and layout -- after that there's a world of choice that must be brought to balance with the material and color palette of the room(s).
  4. Cabinetry
    Currently working on a custom bookmatched white oak alcove cabinet array. The raw material is 4" X 16' slabs that have been air-drying for five years. A very rare find!
  5. Custom Furniture
    I like to focus on sustainable materials and the fir and hemlock I get from Cortes Eco-forestry on Cortes Isl. has a significantly better chain of custody than FSC lumber. Add in top quality/low-toxicity finishes and you have beds and tables you can rest easy on -- for a lifetime.
  6. Decks, Gazebos, Etc
    Custom decks, outdoor stairs and Gazebos.
  7. Additions and Outbuildings
    From building full Additons to separate outbuildings, Including composting outhouses that use no water and deliver outstanding fertilizer for your shrubs and trees.
  8. Tiny Homes
    A unique way to look at housing in these times of increasing constraints (cost of land/materials/energy). Can be used as either primary dwellings or guest/AirBnB quarters--versatile and moveable. Own your own home even if you can't own your own land.
  9. Energy Efficiency
    Building Codes provide for a minimum energy efficiency--but we can do a lot better. Super-insulating double-thick walls, R-100 roofs and energy-saving appliances can all contribute to peace of mind when the cost of energy starts to go to the moon.